Review: Alternate

A spectacular multiverse suspense adventure. Dark Matter meets Zero World.

Author: Christopher James Buxton | Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure

Caspian’s an old hand when it comes to transferring between alternate realities of the multiverse. The worlds he visits are anywhere from barely different to vastly altered. His advantage, a strong survival instinct coupled with masterful skill wielding his otherworldly archery kit and enhanced knife.

A morally sound professional with a strict code-of-conduct to which he adheres, Caspian never kills unless absolutely vital for his own survival, because taking life in one reality might affect a cascading series of changes in every alternate reality. His adherence to this one guiding principle, leads to his becoming marooned in a dangerous alternate world, one dominated by vengeful dragons and vile creatures of nightmares.

Cia meanwhile has been searching for her father, following clues, detected and deciphered by the Operator and his ultra-secret organization, which was technologically a good hundred years ahead of published science. As motivated as she was, the constant failures and the stress of visiting dangerous alternate worlds was taking its toll. Until the operator located Jimmy, who possessed similar genetic makeup as Cia, which enabled them to withstand transfer between alternates. Can they locate Cia’s father? Will rescuing Caspian even be possible? And, how will Caspian’s new reality affect him?

Christopher Buxton’s Alternate is well crafted. The author seamlessly blends scientific theory with fantasy fiction, detailing his worlds simply enough to be vividly imaginable. With a plot that’s reminiscent of Blake Crouch's Dark Matter and characters from Jason M. Hough's Zero World , Buxton’s novel is thrilling to the very end.