Review: Beyond Blood

An expertly plotted and electric whodunnit.

Author: Jack King | Genre: Crime Thrillers

A string of brutal murders, seen from a young perpetrator’s point of view, develops into a serially connected set of strangulations being pursued by detectives across four cities. Playing point, Detective Cliff Husto is the first to notice specific clues which seem odd at first, but point to a diabolical need by a killer on the loose to fill an emotional void. Or does the killer have no emotion at all?

Coordinating with his counterparts across the country, Husto dives into the connections between the most recent strangulations and his prime suspect’s past. He uncovers personal history that makes his suspect’s motivations quite certain. But there’s something amiss. The detective’s gut tells him to dig even deeper. There’s a clue lurking somewhere, just waiting to be found. Can Detective Husto find it in time before the next murder, or is it already too late?

Jack King’s a master at building suspense and keeping a reader on edge. His character detailing, emotional description and narration does well to accentuate suspense. With a touch of Grisham, a sprinkling of Siegel and a pinch of  Baldacci, King's pace of action is well balanced with his plot weaving, ensuring regular thrilling peaks. Eagerly awaiting the next Cliff Husto novel.

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