Review: Sword

Book review of Sword, a galactic empire science fiction novel authored by D. Rebbitt.

Epic storytelling. Larson’s style meets Lozito’s flair with a pinch of Walker’s pace.

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What is the Kardashev Scale?

Conceptualized by Nikolai Kardashev, a Russian astronomer, the Kardashev Scale is a way to determine how advanced a civilization is, based on the amount of energy the civilization consumes. Kardashev had initially made three categorizations, Type 1 is a planetary civilization which is able to store and use all the energy available on its own planet from its own star, Type 2 being a stellar civilization which is able to harness and utilize the energy of its entire star and a stellar system (a close group of stars) and Type 3, a galactic civilization which is capable of harvesting all the energy from across its own galaxy.

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