Review: Duty Before Honor

Thoroughly enjoyable single sitting read.

Packed with action.

Author: Gus Cadle

Garon and Kane grew up together, scrambling in the dust, mock fighting and dreaming of becoming legendary Corporate Commanders who liberated planets and maintained order across the Pan. Industry, Duty and Honor were concepts ingrained into their minds. Now, as adults, they’re both lieutenants with Bad Company, a spec-ops unit aboard the Prudential-class warship PTC Industry.

Entering Dedecus VI’s atmosphere, PTC Industry’s very presence is dominating. Bad Company’s task however, is perilous. And the team is to be joined a mech officer to ensure their task isn’t clouded by moral judgment, since mech’s are programmed to ensure that their duty came before all else, even before honor.

Bad Company enters a Dedecan city where a delegate was about to meet his fate at the hands of four massive and ruthless Wrorhogs. They find that the very last delegate of Dedecan is but a child. With their options down to none, how can Garon salvage his team’s precarious position? Will it be duty, or honor?

Gus Cadle has expertly authored a short novel that’s intense from beginning to end. The story ends with a ‘more to follow’ expectation, pointing to a larger plot that’s due to unfold.