“Framandi Alliance is a hard science fiction space adventure novel, narrated from the perspective of an evolving 3rd generation AI. The book begins with an elaborate prologue outlining the history of a secretive group that had originally set out to solve the worlds most wicked problems, but soon found itself becoming the protectors of Earth.

The plot unfolds at a brisk pace right from the first chapter, with suspense infused sub-plots woven in through the book.”

– Rashid Ahmed, Author.


Tasked with exploring an anomaly in space, Icelandic transhuman twins Jón and Ásta along with the crew of Átt, make first contact with a species seeking passage through the solar system. They learn of an ancient, ongoing, intergalactic confrontation, between the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy and Milky Way.

As galaxies merge, territorial conflicts have been reignited.
And, it's consuming civilizations.

Allying with the knowledgeable Framandi, the crew undertake a multi-system journey, confronting the advanced Gigils, a species that could devastate Earth. The alliance salvages a relic Kilig infiltration spacecraft, leftover from an ancient battle, and installs a second-generation human AI named Kei to operate the ship.

Merging with the existing AI aboard the Kilig vessel, Kei’s objectives change as it realizes that wetware enhances its abilities. The AI attempts to infiltrate and subjugate Framandi and Gigil minds; then turns its attention to Earth.

Now, all independent, intelligent life is vulnerable.

Jón and Ásta must overcome vastly superior odds, to protect the world they love.

Framandi Alliance on Goodreads

"Framandi Alliance is a far-reaching epic that tells the story of humankind's struggle to make a place in the community of sentient races, and also to rise above our worst impulses. It is a complex story, with a lot of individual stories embedded. There is alien tech, (reverse engineered by the humans) enhanced humans and more."

- Goodreads Review