Jón Gylfason, Character Profile

Jón Gylfason
Jón Gylfason, Character Profile Main Character in science fiction series, Galaxy Accretion Conflicts. Son of Icelandic biotech researchers Gylfi Hallgrímsson and Katrín Magnusdóttir.

Main Character in science fiction novel Framandi Alliance, Galaxy Accretion Conflicts.

Son of Icelandic biotech researchers Gylfi Hallgrímsson and Katrín Magnusdóttir.

Born: 10-Jan-83, Reykjavík, Iceland. Male, 6'2", Capricorn.

First generation transhuman.

Specializations: Materials science, nano technology, molecular manufacturing, quantum computing hardware and software, wicked problem analysis, strategy.

By age seven Jón was mentally as advanced as a twenty-one-year-old. His (and twin sister Ásta’s) brain plasticity or the ability of their synapses to rewire themselves, was accelerated and more complex than their human counterparts.

The first generation transhumans were genetically modified to endure the rigors of space travel. They’re equipped to handle up to sixteen Gs without passing out, and to deal with the continuous radiation from space travel. Their bodies are twice as strong as an average human’s and his bones rapidly replaced calcium.

From an early age, Jón displayed consequence based logical reasoning. His ability to assimilate information rapidly and arrive at thoroughly evaluated decisions, astounded his tutors. Clubbed with this, he always pitched decisions against an accented ethical standard. This made him ideally suited to aid the development of Shun, a first-generation quantum computing AI. Along with his twin sister, he helped Shun learn and develop its ‘human’ and ‘ethical’ evaluation standards.

Driven, inquisitive and analytical, Jón’s always sought answers. After he turned nine, his parents encouraged him to pursue an unstructured learning process, allowing him to follow threads of information that provided him suitable answers. Wherever he found himself lacking in foundation knowledge, he taught himself, relying on the able AI Shun to provide him with the most up to date information.

Jón loves basketball. As a child, he was always better than everyone else living in Lýsi's private research compound. He liked hiking and camping as well, something his sister liked as well. The two taught themselves outdoor survival in the outskirts of Reykjavík. Jón was especially proficient in making fire using flint, gifted to him by a visitor to the family’s home.

Soon after being introduced to Lýsi, Jón was drawn to global wicked problems. For an entire year he devoted himself to studying the world’s food problem. He then wrote a paper on hyper-localized agriculture, with technology used to track crop growth and for its distribution. His sister and he were often roped into Lýsi high level road mapping and decision-making meetings. Their inputs helped chart the group’s direction through the 1990's.

Jón was among the first to meet face-to-face with the framandi.