Review: The Keepers of the Black Cave

Spellbinding time travel adventure. Looper meets Timeline.

Author: Pahima Hanit | Genre: Time Travel Science Fiction

Cave diving takes on a whole new meaning when you’re a Keeper of history, ensuring prominent figures, occurrences and artifacts conform to the roles they’re destined to perform. Nicole’s a Keeper who’s notched well over eight hundred dives into the Black Cave. A new ‘aim’ or task to accomplish every year.

Nicole’s ancient, but she doesn’t look a day over twenty-seven. Nor does her elder brother Rick or her younger sibling Tray. Together, they’ve been keeping history on track, one aim at a time.

The trio sometimes face dangerous, near-impossible tasks. But they’re always successful. On one week-long aim however, Nicole returns with King Richard. She’d saved him after ensuring history remembers his passing correctly. During her time in the past, the two fell in love. The Black Cave returned them both to present time. But, will Richard be able to cope in the modern age? Can Nicole reconcile motherhood with her dangerous calling? And can either ever prepare for the day their child Jama becomes a Keeper?

Pahima Hanit is a splendid storyteller. She weaves history, fantasy and the paranormal quite fluidly. Her ability to describe scenarios and character emotions, elicits a desire to dive deeper into the tale, and to become intensely involved. The novel is touch of Rian Craig Johnson's Looper but with MCs who do whatever needs doing, a dash of Madeleine L'Engle Camp's A Wrinkle in Time with the book’s penetrating character portrayal, and a liberal basting of Michael Crichton’s Timeline with its strong action and accurate historical depiction.

The Keepers of the Black Cave ends with a promise of more to come. I sincerely hope there’s a ‘next book’ soon, with ever more thrilling adventures.