Review: Nightfall

Exquisitely well-crafted epic. Storytelling that’s among the best in the genre.

Author: J.J. Coffelt | Genre: Science Fiction , Dystopian

Jericho’s a young member of The Sons, a fledgling tribe of Mecca. The holdout itself is domed and defended against the world outside, lying amidst vast wastelands of rusting metal, the remnants of an ancient and possibly Utopian society.

Found by Saul, the giant leader of his clan, at the furthest reaches of the desolate land, Jericho was different. The youngster was found in a cutting-edge suit believed to have been created by the ancient ones. And his unique mutagen, an overly sensitive inner voice, his intuition, gave him the foresight and instinct unseen in anyone else.

The holdout is governed by The Oracles who hold their god Horus as the most supreme of entities. They govern with fear, folding individuals with similar mutagens into approved clans, or casting them among the rabble. Their hold over Mecca is ultimate, enforced by the Guards. Once a year, they undertake the ‘Receiving’, a gift from Horus which arrives in a heavenly chariot. But, this year, the ‘Receiving’ has been altered and the believers are incensed. A cascading series of events causes internal strife. The blame is laid on all unbelievers, on unrecognized clans, on The Sons.

Grouping together, they must embark on a mission to save themselves, the downtrodden and abused. They must face Nightfall, the darkness from which none survive.

Jakob Coffelt’s written the first tale of an epic fantasy. He’s got the flair of Tolkien’s storytelling from Lord of the Rings , the descriptive world-building from the dystopian action franchise Mad Max , and B.V. Larson’s exceptional character portrayal. Drawing cues from folklore and mythology, Coffelt provides a sense of familiarity to a distinctly unique novel.

I loved the buildup and the sustained action. This is a book I genuinely enjoyed reading. Itching to get my hands on the next installment in the series.