Human augmentation could become a natural portion of our evolution. Directed evolution perhaps. As a species, we've developed faster on the intellectual level, and our bodies have not kept up. A few aspects underline this and make a strong case for directed evolution; including some 'wicked problems' being: Global Climate, Global Resources Distribution and AI.

Earth climate is changing and we'd need to rapidly adapt to be able to survive. We would also need to bring along other species along with us, to deal with temperature, particulate matter in the air and even radiation. This would likely require manipulation of understood genes, to harden our 'delicate' selves. There's also the need to better understand the vast portions of ours (and other creatures') genetic codes, which are currently not seen to hold relevance. Undoubtedly, these would not exist and have evolved over time, if they didn't have uses. The outcome of understanding these would be a vast toolbox of genetic code which could be switched on and off or enhanced. It would also open up the possibility of creating new combinations of genes which would provide humans (and other species where needed) additional abilities, including hard-coding voluminous amounts of knowledge.

Changing genetic code at scale would of course take time, careful navigation and extensive regulation. In the mean time, we would need to externally augment ourselves. We would need to universally deploy artificial enhancements to both protect and enhance ourselves. Whole body coverings (similar to EV suits), massive closed and controlled environments and a globally integrated resource distribution network to cater to decentralized economies. For the most part we would need to rely heavily on machines, automation and computing capabilities. Many people may prefer to have these integrated into themselves to be able to deal with their environments or their task needs.

So, what would be a realistic timeline for achieving directed evolution to deal with expected climate change and intelligence enhancement to deal with an AI singularity?