Review: Sword

Immersive action. Forbes-like battle scenes with Nuttall-scale plot.

Author: D. Rebbitt | Genre: Galactic Empire, Science Fiction

Grand Admiral Medici has a problem. The Globur have taken numerous rim systems, viciously attacking until they comprehensively decimate human defenses. His newest taskforce deployed to patrol the Chard and Mongolia planetary systems has just informed Vice Admiral Stukov of an imminent Globur incursion into Chard.

Urgently bringing Medici out of a senate committee session, Stuckov updates the Grand Admiral about the rapidly unfolding situation. Medici immediately and on his personal authority, orders Rear Admiral Jones heading Task Force 15 to lead a preemptive strike on the Globur, just as soon as the enemy exits quantum space. Medici and Stuckov quickly task Rear Admiral Pang, CO of TF13-Heavy, to Jones’ aid.

While the Rear Admiral patiently fends off nasty senators with their own agendas, both the fleet’s battle-ready task forces have been committed. The fleet leadership and all commanders know that the Globur are relentless. They just keep coming. They do not know retreat. They do not know outright defeat. Will Jones’ new strategy succeed? Will Pang’s determined and blunt hammer-like aggression be sufficient? Will the fleet continue to be humanity’s shield, or will it now become a sword?

D. Rebbitt has masterfully crafted another action-packed galactic empire, science fiction story. The battle scenes rapidly unfold in M.R. Forbes’ nail-biting style, while the larger plot is added to in enthralling increments quite like a Christopher Nuttall military space opera.

Sword has left me salivating for more and I’m eager to get my hands on Rebbitt’s next book.

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