Review: The South Tower

If you’ve seen Edge of Tomorrow, you’ll know what someone on a ‘Live, Die, repeat’ time loop is probably experiencing.

Author: Alex Canna

Nick, an insurance specialist, has an interview in the South Tower. He just about makes it on time. While explaining his risk evaluation model to senior executives, they are interrupted by an incident on the North Tower. Very soon after, he witnesses an airplane bank and impact the tower he is in.

Nick tries to make it out with everyone else, but their attempts are futile when the tower collapses. A flash later, he’s on the floor, at the time of the airplane impact. This time around, he seeks assistance from a colleague and makes more headway, but the tower collapses. A second later, he’s back at the moment of impact.

Nick has an advantage. He’s constantly learning what works, and what doesn’t. He’s picking up on his colleagues’ traits and figures how to get them to help him, quickly and without hesitation. After numerous relentless attempts he gets it right, saving himself and a few hundred others.

Alex Canna’s exploration of the numerous options survivors might have tried out, in an attempt to escape a monstrous fire below themselves, is deeply insightful. He’s packed heaps of urban survival knowledge into simply narrated drama.

It's gripping enough that you'll probably read the book in one sitting. I did.