Review: Trust A Few

Haruspex Trilogy: Part One (Fortune's Fools Book 4)

An intense space adventure. Intimately described characters. Great story.

Author: E M Swift-Hook

From being the galaxy’s most wanted terrorist, to losing all recollection of his violent past, Avilon’s very survival depended on his friend Jaz seeing him through the punishing sentence of serving with the Specials.

Learning, persevering and enduring, Avilon is released back into civil society by a hesitant commander who’s reluctant to let him out. Avilon was dangerous; now he’s downright lethal. After making his way to ‘City where he expected to find his friend Jaz, Avilon is soon sucked into the quagmire of advanced organized crime. While he’s hellbent on doing right, he’s in his element.

Off world, Jaz learns that people from Avilon’s past are looking for the ex-terrorist and he quickly returns to the ‘City. Caught in a secret duel for power between powerful individuals, the galactic government and the underworld, Jaz is pushed to his very limit to hold things together and keep his friends alive. But every action seems to have highly unbalanced negative consequences. It’s up to him to set things right. But who can he trust? And who will he give his trust to?

Action packed, ‘Trust a Few’ dives deep into the psychology of the characters and the interplay of human emotions with social pressures. The author’s grip on character building is at par with the very best in the genre. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into the next book in the series.