Visibility on the Internet

Having dived nose-first into content creation and a career in novel writing, one of the first things I required was a website which would act as the single point of focus for everything I created. I began populating the website with articles of interest which are closely related to topics covered in my upcoming novel.

To get my initial attempts at article writing, I began posting my work onto social media; specifically, onto Twitter, my Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Pinterest and onto Reddit. There’s been a fair amount of interest in the kind of articles I’ve been posting with readers proving varied views, alternate but related concepts and the occasional critique. This is vital for any content producer. This lets me know what kind of readers are drawn to the kind of content I’m developing and whether the work meets a high enough quality. Fortunately, its mainly been positive so far.

A recent highlight was finding my site listed  on Feedspot; on a list of Top 25 Mumbai Blogs and Websites to follow. This kind of attention is truly motivating.

Recently I've crossed the 60% milestone on writing my upcoming novel. This prompted me to consider building up enough interest among science fiction space adventure fans. So I've hooked up Google Tag Manager to my website, linked in a website analytics suite, ensured I’m hoovering up generic user information to build up an audience profile on AdWords and of course ensured I’ve got all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed for a professional web presence.

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